Oceanic Society Membership

From our San Francisco, CA headquarters, to the Blackbird/Oceanic Society Field Station in Belize, to our Ulithi Field Camp, to our field station in Suriname.... The non-profit Oceanic Society funds and operates conservation, research and education projects around the world partly due to our solid membership base. Supporting the Oceanic Society through membership is another way to assist with our conservation and education efforts. Donations are tax-deductible.


  • Access to special information and advance notification of special events via our web site
  • one-year subscription to the Oceanic Society membership newsletter WHALE
  • Directly supporting the Oceanic Society's on-going conservation and research efforts to protect marine wildlife and habitats
  • Helping to educate countless others about ways to preserve and protect marine ecosystems


Regular membership: $35/year
Sustaining membership: $50/year


We'll respond promply to any questions you might have about membership in the Oceanic Society.

SIGN UP NOW with our On-Line system:

Regular Member       -  $35

Sustaining Member    -  $50

Or via Snail-Mail:
(Download our Membership Form, and mail it in with your check or credit card information)

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