Education for Students

Oceanic Society provides a number of opportunities for students to expand their classroom education in the sciences with a hands-on field experience. Students work with marine mammal scientists and marine biologists to accomplish specific objectives.


Special student-oriented expeditions allow students the opportunity to participate in long-term scientific studies by emphasizing project-based learning and the hands-on development of research knowledge and skills.

Objectives include: expanding classroom education in the sciences to include first-hand field experience meshed with practical applications; assist with actual data collection; expanding appreciation for wildlife and the environment; and helping to create a supportive environment for students to work as a team in a cooperative manner with each other and Oceanic Society marine biologists. Current expeditions that are well-suited to student travelers include:


The special programs offer in-depth educational opportunities to expand your knowledge of marine mammals and how marine researchers go about their work.

This is one of the most unique and comprehensive classroom programs available in this field. The Oceanic Society, with the support of University of Massachusetts, Dartmouth, is proud to present our new marine mammal education program.

This program brings science into the classroom through lectures by real field researchers, as well as videos, slide shows, and activities. Presentations include topics ranging from dolphin echolocation to humpback whale migration to how to become a scientist. You can choose from one of the many exciting options below (more to come later). The fee is only $20 per workshop. Interested?

Marine Mammal Educational Program

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