Your support of the Oceanic Society will help fund the research and conservation work that is so important to the ecological balance of the earth's oceans. Your contribution is, of course, tax deductible.

There are several types of donations available:


Your donation will help fund all of the research, conservation, and natural history projects and activities that Oceanic Society manages and supports. We appreciate your support in any amount.

Turneffe Atoll Project

Turneffe Atoll is the most biologically diverse and largest atoll in the Western Caribbean, supporting a number of endangered and endemic species. Your support is needed to continue our ongoing research on coral reefs, bottlenose dolphins, American crocodiles, and Antillean manatees, as well as to support the implementation of the Turneffe Atoll Management Plan.

Ulithi Sea Turtle Project

Oceanic Society’s community-based sea turtle project in Micronesia directly funds Ulithian community members to monitor endangered sea turtles and generate research data that are used to inform local conservation decisions.

Total annual cost for community-based sea turtle monitoring and local capacity building: $10,000.

Ulithi Reef Project

The Falalop Community of Ulithi  signed Declaration of Intent to support the development of a marine resource management plan -- and a letter asking that Oceanic Society  lead that effort on their behalf -- now we have a unique opportunity to implement true community-based marine conservation. Our future work on Ulithi represents a significant contribution to a multinational and multi-organizational effort to develop and implement reef conservation throughout Micronesia. Our goal now is to assist the community with the development of a plan for a Locally Managed Marine Area, the next step in permanent protection of sea turtles, reefs, seabirds and sustainability. 

A donation of any amount will be greatly appreciated for the Oceanic Society or any of these projects.

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