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Reserve your spot now for one of our exciting expeditions.

Your initial reservation will require a $750 per person deposit ($1,000 for liveaboard/cruise programs), and can be paid by credit card, PayPal account, check, or money order. We offer a convenient, secure, online deposit option using the form at the bottom of this page, or you can print our reservation form and mail it to us with your payment.

Your final payment should be by check or money order, due 120 days before the expedition departs (liveaboard trips may have earlier due dates which will be noted in the specific trip description).

READ OUR GENERAL TERMS & CONDITIONS and the LIABILITY AND RELEASE (below) before making your reservation. Please note that our LIVEABOARD CHARTER programs may have separate terms and conditions; please contact our office for these.

In traveling to and from any expedition and during the expedition itself, there are certain risks and dangers, including but not limited to the hazards arising from the forces of nature, from living aboard ship, from accident or illness without medical facilities, and from travel itself. In consideration of, and as part payment for, the right to participate in any expedition, I hereby voluntarily assume all of those and all other reasonably foreseeable hazards which may be encountered on an expedition, including acts of God, detention, annoyance, weather, quarantines, strikes, civil disturbance, theft, government regulations, etc. I agree to hold Oceanic Society Expeditions harmless from any and all liability, actions, causes of action, debts, claims and demands of every kind and nature whatsoever, including but not limited to those arising from any loss, injury, damage, or inconvenience to person or property in connection with any expedition.

Note: All individuals have different insurance needs. We provide these recommendations for your assistance. However, it is up to you, the traveler, to understand the policies and their terms, to confirm that you have the coverage you need, and to ensure that you are not duplicating coverage that you already have.

We strongly recommend that you purchase travel cancellation insurance to protect your investment. Purchasing a Travelex protection plan will help ease your mind should an emergency arise. Travelex insurance plans offer a variety of benefits and emergency assistance services should you need to cancel or interrupt your trip in any way. Click the banner below to learn more.
Travelex Travel Insurance

Join DANIn addition, we also strongly advise all of our travelers to purchase a Divers Alert Network (DAN) MembershipDAN membership offers $100,000 Medical Evacuation Coverage on any trip taken while a member (including for all listed family members with a family membership), assistance through DAN TravelAssist®, a subscription to Alert Diver magazine and access to DAN’s insurance services. Membership is just $35 for individuals and $55 for families.


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Mail-In Reservation Form

(Download our Reservation Form, and mail it in with your check or credit card information)


  • Fill out the form below for yourself, and then click Add to Cart
  • If this reservation is for more than one person, you can specify the number of people (and hence the number of $750 deposits) after you click Add to Cart. Simply change the number, and click Udate Cart.
  • At the checkout, you will have another opportunity to review your order and make any changes before your payment is processed.
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