Palau Islands by Motor Yacht

scuba and snorkel flex trip
Explore Palau’s outstanding marine biodiversity aboard a comfortable liveaboard.



  • A liveaboard provides exclusive access to Palau’s world-class snorkeling and scuba diving with a high level of comfort. Jump in and go!
  • Outstanding marine biodiversity, pristine reefs, and great visibility.
  • Your floating “home” enables dusk and dawn snorkeling and diving. Witness the “changing of the guard,” or the shift in species as day becomes night.
  • **Custom dates and charters available

Mandarinfish in PalauThis 8-day expedition aboard Palau’s most comfortable liveaboard can be enjoyed by both the first time visitor to Palau and by repeat snorkelers and scuba divers. The advantage of exploring Palau’s marine environment and islands from a liveaboard is that it provides comfort, and easy accessibility to snorkel sites without the daily boat travel time required by a land-based snorkel expedition. Imagine enjoying a morning snorkel or dive and then immediately hopping into a freshwater shower before settling down for a gourmet lunch. Another advantage of the liveaboard is that you can enjoy the snorkel/dive sites when most of the day-trip visitors have left the area.

Manta rays in Palau.Our liveaboard itinerary takes you to all our favorite locations, including Jellyfish Lake. Itineraries to the outer islands of Peleliu and Angaur can also be arranged. Each day we will maximize our opportunities to explore the marine environment, visiting sites best suited for visibility with minimum current. Participants can enjoy up to four snorkels or three dives per day including optional night snorkels and dives. During the cruise, we will also explore remote beaches and dedicate some time for cultural tours. 

The ship we’ve chosen for this trip was specifically built for divers and snorkelers and offers a comfortable platform for exploration. Fish ‘n Fins, our local travel partner for 15+ years, caters to our every need and has a deep commitment to conserving Palau’s marine habitats. The ship is a six passenger vessel offeing three double-occupancy, air-conditioned rooms with private baths, as well as a big salon and sun deck. The vessel has a dive platform with two big ladders for easy water entry and exit.

Custom / charter programs are possible - contact us to discuss your custom departure needs!

A diverse reef scene in Palau.


Day 1: Arrive in Koror and overnight at hotel

Day 2: Morning boarding of motoryacht and depart for first snorkel site. Full day of snorkeling and/or diving.

Days 3-7: Daily snorkeling (and/or scuba diving) at the Rock Islands' best snorkel and dive sites.

Day 8: After breakfast, disembark and overnight hotel.

Day 9: Fly home.

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